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We bring digital solutions and intelligent operations to multinational organizations around the world. We strive to combine our deep experience from our work with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies with our digital, analytics, and consulting skills so our clients can deliver transformation that lasts.

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Human Capital Management

We use the best technologies and expertise to implement software and IT solutions to help your organization achieve both quick wins and long-term goals in an ever-changing sphere with relentless competition.

Our team has ascended to become one of the industry-leading boutique consulting firms in Washington, D.C. for a reason, and our human capital management is a huge reason why. Let us show you the path forward.

In a field that presents every changing organizational demand, we believe our core values will serve your organization through its next transformative period.

To successfully weather periods of expansion and growth, companies must effectively coordinate human capital management and human resource processes. In every organization, assisting all employees to fulfill their potential also serves the company’s best interests. Our team of human capital management experts are well-versed in all areas of human resources and are principled individuals instilled with our strong company values, which are readily expressed in the services they deliver.

We are firm believers that the people make the organization and understand that every corporate culture is different. Business transformations and restructuring therefore needs to be made with the team needs, existing processes and business structure in mind. OEDM ensures this by immersing ourselves in the corporate culture and aligning changes according to your unique business needs.

Our Approach

Organizational change might seem like a big feat to accomplish, but with the right amount of leadership, communication, and evaluation, it can be achieved in an effective and efficient manner.

This is where OEDM Group’s executive leadership and change management expertise comes into play. We help your organization through periods of transition by building out standard processes, providing the necessary training for management to lead effectively, and creating processes for reinforcement of the change. Having the right structures, programs and processes in place means that your talented team is fulfilling their highest potential, which serves your company’s best interests.

Our team has significant experience leading large-scale, high-impact, multi-jurisdictional, transformational initiatives from strategy development, to evidence-based decision making, to execution. OEDM’s experience has served both public and private sector organizations providing proven sustainable results guided by our key principles of values and trust.

With a focus on tailor-made, pragmatic and measurable recommendations, our clients have been able to successfully implement solutions that have altered service execution to better and more efficiently serve their end-users and change the culture of the company themselves. OEDM can not only lead in strategy development inclusive of aspirational objectives but our core competency is bringing those objectives into a sustainable reality. OEDM’s ability to continuously deliver on client expectations, has given the company a 100% referral rate from our clients since our inception.

OEDM Group utilizes a proven methodology to align and positively transform organizations, delivering sustainable performance improvement and leadership development. We understand the human dynamic and how it affects every aspect of how your business functions – positively and negatively. We have the coaching, support and tools needed to create or return your organization to a high-performance culture using our unique change management and human capital management processes.

We offer a number of strategic and operational services that will help transform your business.

Org Design & Workflow

Our team of specialists works to determine how tasks are completed in an organization. We critically analyze roles and responsibilities, workflows, and overall organizational structure and human capital management, making often intangible processes and systems tangible and malleable.

Researching and critically understanding what is working for you, what’s not, and how to solve specific HR problems in a number of areas:

  • Organizational Competency alignment (during periods of transition or change)
  • Organizational Structure/ Hierarchy
  • Shared Services
  • HR Efficiencies

Change Management Planning

Changing structure and alignment creates challenging cultural and operational risks that demand executive leadership. OEDM Group has extensive knowledge and experience in bringing companies through large and small organizational changes, ensuring relationships are aligned, roles and responsibilities are clarified, the brand image remains strong, and customers are satisfied.

It is not enough just to have an articulated vision or strategy. Your employees must choose to connect and commit to the vision, understand what it is, why it is important and how their work on a day-to-day business leads to it.

Transitional and Interim Management

When companies need skilled, experienced leadership to pursue planned or unexpected opportunities, contend with executive turnover, or drive strategic transactions, OEDM Group’s interim executives guide the process and assure stability through periods of transition. Our interim executives bring deep leadership, human capital management expertise, financial management skills, operational experience, and the highest levels of functional and industry expertise to reinforce your executive teams during critical periods.

Leadership Development

OEDM utilizes a proven methodology to align organizations, delivering sustainable performance improvement and leadership development. We have the coaching, support, and tools needed to create or return your organization to a high-performance culture

  • Conflict resolution/ Alignment
  • Executive Coaching
  • Train the Trainer

Board Governance

We situate one of our experts on a decision-making panel to provide advisory services. Our team members are then able to draw upon their extensive, wide-ranging human capital management knowledge and experiences to assist board members and C-suite executives with important decisions