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We bring digital solutions and intelligent operations to multinational organizations around the world. We strive to combine our deep experience from our work with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies with our digital, analytics, and consulting skills so our clients can deliver transformation that lasts.

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IT Consulting & Project Management

We use the best technologies and expertise to implement software and IT solutions to help your organization achieve both quick wins and long-term goals in an ever-changing sphere with relentless competition.

As the latest innovations in technology continue to revolutionize the business world, many organizations struggle to adapt. Implementing technological and IT changes into more mature business models can be difficult for many organizations, but that is where we can help. Our IT consulting team keeps abreast of industry trends and changes and possesses comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the field. We realize the challenges that many companies face and utilize our unique approach to IT consulting to create sustainable change and results. Our software agnostic principle ensures that we will present only the best options for new strategies and products and proves that we’re prepared to meet any

We believe that IT Infrastructure is constantly changing and will never be “done”. Knowing that, we implement initiatives that put processes and standards in place to ensure that the IT Infrastructure is constantly reviewed and updated to keep you ahead of your competition. This is the advantage of working with a top operations improvement consulting firm.

Productivity doesn’t inherently follow from buying technology, and the process of implementing technology is more than installing software. Frequently technology is complicated, less reliable than we would like and not altogether compatible with what we already have. We will therefore focus the organization on overcoming these obstacles, allowing your technology investments to deliver maximum business value to the organization.

The overall purpose of this initiative is to ensure that your associates are able to integrate themselves into the technology framework, enabling the associate to access application systems, communication systems, and personal development resources to support efficient and effective decision-making.

IT Consulting and Project Management Service Offerings

IT Strategy Development

We leverage our deep bench of engineering talent to provide your organization with new and innovative solutions. We work closely with organizations to determine what their IT capabilities are and how best to improve upon them. We take things a step further with goal-setting, and put systems into place to help organizations reach these goals through IT consulting.

Application Development and Integration

In today’s increasingly technologically advanced business world, many organizations recognize the need to implement software changes, but often encounter difficulties. We assist organizations in setting up new software systems and infrastructure, and include employee training into our IT consulting packages. Application development could include:

  • Interim technology solutions
  • Custom Excel-based tools
  • Cloud-based tools
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Process Mining & Visualization
  • AI, ML, BI, RPA integration

PMO, Program and Project Management

Assigning a OEDM Group project manager to step in and lead your complex implementation initiative.

A PMO is crucial to provide standardization to the work being performed. It provides integration, monitoring, measurement of resources, prioritization and in some cases, rationalization of project work.

Third Party Risk Management

OEDM addresses the business risk of relying on others by creating sustainable and effective Third-Party Risk Frameworks to govern outsourcing, offshore and third-party relationships. We then identify gaps in managing third-party relationships and create a roadmap for your organizational success.

ERP Analysis and Improvement

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) helps you manage main cross-functional business processes, often maintained by software and technology. This allows companies to automate many back-office functions relating to human resources, technology resource planning and services. We will analyze your current resource planning processes and, working with your organization, provide recommendations for areas of improvement or automation