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We bring digital solutions and intelligent operations to multinational organizations around the world. We strive to combine our deep experience from our work with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies with our digital, analytics, and consulting skills so our clients can deliver transformation that lasts.

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HR Consulting Firm Process Standardization

OEDMHR Consulting Firm Process Standardization

HR Consulting Firm Process Standardization



OEDM Group was brought on to standardize internal processes across frontline staff in order to provide savings in resource efficiency


  • Managed project plan to meet project deliverables
  • Created and provided training to project and process owners (over 50 people)
  • Completed and mapped all processes assigned
  • Provided ongoing coaching/support to the team
  • Facilitated on-site audit sessions for 44 clients and 12 processes
  • Developed Ongoing Audit/Continuous Improvement Framework
  • Developed Opportunity Intake Process
  • Created action plan to move clients to optimal
  • Drove action plans to quick win completion
  • Moved 46 processes to Optimal in three weeks, with savings of $63,969


  • Identified $549,130 in savings for only 12 processes
  • Will realize significant savings as more processes are audited and move to standard