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HR & IT Improvements for Leading Luxury Retailer

OEDMHR & IT Improvements for Leading Luxury Retailer

HR & IT Improvements for Leading Luxury Retailer



The client was going through significant technological change. Many massive system implementations had caused long lead times for new applications for the business (more than 9 months). There was a direct need for a reduction in cycle time for creating new applications for the business.


  • Developed and deployed a RAD (rapid application development) team within the luxury retailer across the United States
  • Identified current state, pain points, and created a portfolio of 30 quick wins to support teams
  • Created a custom intake mechanism to prioritize quick wins; portfolio size of significant cost savings
  • Worked on 5 quick wins with over a 4:1 ROI on direct contribution back to the business Scoped out remaining 25 for the business


  • OEDM Group deployed RAD as a structured process and full-time team. The business will now use this model in many other areas of the business